Hi there! Do you feel like you are just surviving and not living? Have you ever struggled with anxiety or depression?

If that is the case I am so happy and thankful you are here and if that is not the case I am happy and thankful that you stop by and would love for you to stick around because you don’t have to have a mental illness to be part of this. Conversely, if you are 21 years old, and you are auditioning for the role of a boss or a teacher, you probably will not get it

The Journey Tales started in 2015 as an initiative to encourage and support people struggling with mental illnesses, more specifically anxiety and depression. It was because of the need to break the silence and end the stigma that revolves around having a mental illness that this site started.

In here you will find supportive and relatable information, as well as applicable and bettering advice regarding mental health. Doing so in the hope of not only helping anyone in need but also furthering a better understanding of the issues and challenges present in mental health and mental well-being.

So, who is the writer?

Well, I am Ana, nice to meet you! I am the writer behind The Journey Tales. I am currently based in Bilbao, Spain. I have both a Psychology and Teaching degree. I want to advocate and bring awareness while fighting to end stigmas.

I have always dreamt of creating a community where mental health and related topics can be openly discussed. I also want to be able to offer helpful tools for the road to recovery from mental illness. I am passionate about helping others achieve their best self by empowering and bettering their lives. I really hope you are able to find such rich things here.